F Student Zone


Demonstrate the following stances (see Beginner Stances page)

1. Musubi dachi

2. Yo-oi

3. Shizentai (hidari / migi)

4. Zenkutsu dachi (hidari / migi)

5. Shiko dachi

6. Kiba dachi

7. Shomen neko ashi dachi (hidari / migi)

8. Hanmi neko ashi dachi (hidari / migi)

(Red tag)

Demonstrate opposite punch to the body followed by front snap punch to the head in fighting stance

With and without kiai

Demonstrate back fist strike to the head in forward leaning stance

With and without kiai

(Yellow tag)

Demonstrate edge of foot stamp to the side

In natural stance

(Blue tag)

Recite eleven to twenty in Japanese

Ju-ichi / Ju-ni / Ju-san / Ju-shi / Ju-go /

Ju-roku / Ju-shi chi / Ju-ha chi / Ju-ku / Ni-ju

Click here to hear AAKA pronunciation

(Black tag)

10th Kyu