F Student Zone


Demonstrate the following stances

(see Beginner Stances page)

1. Attention stance

2. Ready stance

3. Natural stance

4. Forward leaning stance

5. Sumo stance

6. Horse riding stance

7. Forward facing cat stance

8. Half turned cat stance

(Red tag)

Demonstrate front snap punch to the head

With and without kiai

Demonstrate reverse punch body

With and without kiai

(Yellow tag)

Demonstrate two front kicks to the body

(without putting foot down)

With and without kiai

Demonstrate roundhouse kick to the side

(Blue tag)

Recite one to ten in Japanese

Ichi / Ni / San / Shi / Go / Roku / Shi-chi / Ha-chi / Ku / Ju

Click here to hear AAKA pronunciation

(Black tag)

11th Kyu