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Whether your aim is to become fitter, take on the best in the country at sport karate, to learn how to really defend your self in true to life situations or build on self discipline and self control the AAKA syllabus has it all.

Traditional Wado-Ryu basic techniques, pairs work which in time build into real working self defence applications and traditional Kata. Explosive sport karate and self defence combinations, whilst all of the time building your strength, core stability and cardiovascular fitness.

If you have any previous training in martial arts but lost your way as some of what you were taught  just didn’t add up, you may be interested to know, that as well as all of the above with AAKA you will learn the actual purpose of basic blocks and stances also be taught true Kata applications that make sense and actually work!

Grading days are held roughly every 3 to 4 months. Only students that have shown to be ready in class will be invited to attend the grading.

Grades are split into sections. In class students are awarded the relevant coloured tag per section learned up to grading standard. Once all tags have been achieved that student will be invited to attend the next grading day.

Please set yourself realistic goals. Everyone is different and learns at different speeds, don’t be in too much of a hurry to get  your next belt. Some clubs will tell you that you should be a certain grade within a certain time. AAKA do not give grades away you have to work hard to achieve them! Remember it is better to be an exceptional Orange Belt rather than an average Blue Belt.

When in class listen to your instructors, watch when they are demonstrating, if you don’t understand ASK, if you still don’t understand ASK AGAIN! Always train hard, practice when ever you can. Above all enjoy your training. These are the things that will help you reach your goals!

More and more video footage is being added to our syllabus pages to help our beginner grades with their training in class. Just double click on the play button    next to the relevant technique and you will be taken to a “you tube” page showing the technique slowly for learning purposes and at full speed.